GNAR Ft. Lil Skies & Craig Xen – Death Note

Lil Gnar. Ever since his SoundCloud blew up last year, the young artist has been a major topic of conversation. There’s so much to unpack when it comes to Gnar, who started off by creating his own skate apparel brand. He hasn’t been making music for long but he’s already got a headstart on a bunch of other rappers, establishing himself at the top of the new class.

Gnar just released his debut mixtape Gnar Lif3 and for his first-ever concentrated solo effort, we’re definitely impressed. The young artist has a lot of room to grow and from the sounds of his “How to Roll” feature with us, he’s focused on making as much quality material as possible. Gnar Lif3 shows us a little bit of what Gnar is capable of with some songs being trap, others focusing on melody, and others bordering on metal.

Take A Listen Below

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