Future – Show My Chain Some Love Ft Young Thug

Future continues to hand out new Superfly cuts this week with the release of his new Young Thug collaboration for new single Tittle “Show My Chain Some Love ” and also The track, which follows the previously released soundtrack entries “Walk on Minks” and “No Shame,” hit the usual outlets Friday shortly after Bans asked fans if they wanted something new.

Couples week later, Director X’s remake of the 1972 classic hits theaters. Speaking with Vice earlier this week on his crew’s decision to set the new Superfly in Atlanta instead of New York, X said it simply made sense. “Well if you remember back in the day growing up, New York was the spot,” he said. “If you were a local rapper in New York, you had albums around the world. You were world wide simply because you were from New York. That has shifted now, and it’s happening with Atlanta. If you’re hot in ATL, you’re hot everywhere. End of discussion.”

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