BTS – Anpanman

“Airplane Pt. 2,” a follow-up to J-Hope’s solo “Airplane” from the March mixtape Hope World, is a celebration of the group’s international success.

The Latin pop-inspired track begins with verses reflecting on an artist’s desire to succeed, and then flashes-forward a few years to relay how BTS is living nowadays, acting as traveling musicians, like mariachis, living out of hotel rooms.

BTS officially drop debut solo album and containing 11 track of the song Tittle “Anpanman” latest takes the popular South Korean septet to a state of sorrow, wrapped in reflective EDM and alt-R&B on their new album Love Yourself: Tear.Korean group BTS are lighting up social media with excitement over a Love Yourself: Tear track that’s a sequel to a previously released song.

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